Teaching Kids to Listen

Teaching Kids to Listen is easy with the CAPABLES Parent Tool and Child Development System.

This video is filled with great parenting tips about how to get your child to listen, you will enjoy this short, informative video by Dawn Billings, creator of the new Parent Tool called CAPABLES.

How to Teach Kids to Listen

Listening to others is the foundation for every successful relationship your child will create. Listening is a skill. We are not born with it, and it's definitely worth the time it takes to teach your child to do it successfully. Not to mention, parenting a child who listens is MUCH easier than parenting a child who ignores you.

  • Be a Good Listener

There is a trick to getting kids to listen--Listen to them first. Kids will do what you do. They emulate your behaviors. Take off the Bluetooth, sit down, and look at her for a minute. It doesn't need to be an hour. Just pay attention when she's excited to tell you something and she'll learn to return the favor. Ask about things your child is interested in. Listening to the plot of the latest Sponge Bob Square Pants cartoon today may pay off tomorrow.

You can also practice listening at the dinner table. It's one more reason to eat together. Let each person ask a question and everyone has to answer. This is a great time to share your CAPABLES WOWS and POWS. WOWS are Wonderful Opportunities We Share and POWS are Problem Opportunities We Share. Once children learn that it is safe to share their struggles as well as their good news, you will have set a foundation that your children can build their communication skills on.

  • Speak Clearly, but more importantly--Listen Carefully

Speak to children respectfully, making eye contact and using a pleasant tone of voice. Of course you shouldn't yell, but you already knew that. Nevertheless, we all do it. Get over the guilt and do better next time. When you yell, apologize. This teaches your child that when they yell they need to apologize too.

We get confused because when our babies are two, we need to scream sometimes to startle them out of the street. No one ever talked a kid out of sticking a fork in an electrical socket. But older children just learn to yell back, and trust me that is not an effective way to communicate. Disrespect them and disrespect you. Tune them out and guess what, they'll tune you out as well.

What about the times we want kids to obey a command? Set the table - Eat your broccoli - Go to bed!It helps to occasionally add the Why. For example:

  • Being part of a family or community means doing your fair share.
  • Eating the right foods keeps your mind and body strong.
  • Getting enough rest gives you energy to play with your friends.

You don't need to explain everything every time, but it is good to remind them once in while that you have reasons behind your requests, and those reasons are about loving them enough to want them to succeed in life and you can’t succeed in life, if you don’t learn the rules.

When you have more important conversations that you really want your child to pay careful attention to, use the CAPABLES ‘Feelings Talk and Listening Heart’. It is the perfect tool to teach your children to talk about their feelings in a calm, yet powerful way and for you to do the same.

It takes endless creativity to be a parent. A good listener is patient, empathetic, and respectful. That's what you need to model in order to teach your kids to listen to you. The CAPABLES Parenting Tool & Child Development System provides endless creativity in your parenting so you don’t have to think about it.

Quick Tips To Get Kids to Listen

  • Be clear and pleasant in your communication
  • Use the CAPABLES ‘Feelings talk-Listening Heart’
  • Avoid nagging – say it once, never more than twice and then a consequence
  • Use humor
  • Do an instant replay – just like at football games
  • Be concise - can you say short attention span?
  • Never dumb down your worlds to a child – they are smarter than you think
  • Avoid negatives. Instead of Don't Run, say Walk Only.
  • Expect maturity and respect and you're more likely to get it
  • Don't back down or kids won't know when you're serious
  • Check for understanding by asking the child to repeat what you said
  • Make a game out of listening - lock your lips and put the key in your pocket

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