Teaching Kids Self Control

It is so important to teach children self-control but so difficult to figure out the most effective method of doing so.

The CAPABLES Parent Tool and Parenting Guide provides the perfect tool to help parents begin teaching children how to control their impulsivity by consistently rewarding their successes in doing so with the CAPABLES Badges of Honor. Each time a child proves to him or herself, and those around them, that he or she is capable of using his super hero powers of self-control, it becomes more believable and more of a reality to her and all those involved in their lives.

The Capables' badges

Dr. Warren Umansky, Child Development Specialist, published author, and internationally renowned speaker, has been counseling parents and children for over 25 years.

"The best advice I can give any parent is to begin to teach your children appropriate behaviors as early as possible, before negative influences alter good behavior patterns," offers Dr. Umansky. "An important task of parenthood is to catch your children doing the right things and praising them for those."

I would insert the word "commend" instead of "praise", because I believe commending your child is so much more powerful and positive than praising,  but all in all, the Capables® were designed to do exactly what Dr. Umansky recommends. The CAPABLES Parent Tool & Parenting Guide for this GREATT Learning System™ not only helps parents better managetheir preschooler’s tantrums; it helps them strengthen their child’s ability to be patient and compassionate.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your child listen carefully and obey your directives without whining and push back? Now imagine that end result while you are teaching them how to think and understand themselves and others as they are developing their emotional intelligence.

Using The CAPABLES Parent Tool & Parenting Guide for this GREATT Learning System helps to insure that as your children grow into adolescence they have a greater capacity to control the impulsivity that causes such heart break as addictions, trouble with the law and rebellion. CAPABLES help you teach your children to respect themselves and authority, be leaders, not followers, care about things larger than themselves, such as family, church, community, God and country, all the while learning to give of their time and talents to those in need. If your child begins to throw a tantrum this is what you can say.

The Capables Cape and Badges of Honor™ when used together as we direct and recommend, are more than a simple behavior modification tool. When I created the Capables® I did not intend to just help parents modify inappropriate behavior. My intention was to help parents inspire, encourage and increase their children’s abilities and increase their desire to use super hero focus and strength to develop and live the greatness within them.

A few of the super hero powers the Capables® encourage and enhance are Self-control, the ability to Love, Excellence, Listening, Focus, Delayed Gratification, Patience, Appreciation, Communication, Health, Self-Discipline, Fitness, helping at Home, caring for the Environment, a Love of Learning, Reverence, Safety skills and Patriotism. Your children will love challenging and increasing their skills as they earn Badges of Honor™ to place on their Capes of Greatness™.

The “I am Capable of Greatness” Capables Cape™ and Badges of Honor™ system is designed for children between the ages of 30 months to ten-years-old. It allows parents to award “Badges of Honor™” to encourage and strengthen good behavior in their children. Using The “I am Capable of Greatness” Capables Cape™ and the Badges of Honor™ system, encourages parents to take the time to notice and pay attention to their children’s positive and responsible choices and behaviors. The badges are added or attached to The Capables “I am Capable of Greatness” Cape™ to reward a child for a behavior parents or caregivers want to see their children strengthen and repeat. We describe how to use each badge in great detail in the next chapter, as well as, share examples of exactly what you can say to use the Badges of Honor™ most effectively.

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