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  • What is Entitlement: And How Does it Destroy Happiness and Success?

    When a five-year-old child enters a room where guests are conversing and announces, "You have had too much adult talk, I want you to stop and be with me right now," that is entitlement.

  • Entitled to Fail, Endowed to Succeed: America's Journey Back to Greatness

    This book deals in great detail what entitlement is, how it destroys dreams, success, happiness and lives and what can be done to combat it. If you are looking for a comprehensive look at entitlement in our society today, this book is it.

  • 9 Reasons Children Underachieve

    Underachieving students can be identified because there is a significant gap between their ability and their achievements in school. Often underachieving children have no identifiable physical or learning disabilities; their academic performance is just significantly below what you know they are capable of doing. There is no typical profile of an underachiever. Some scrape by with passing marks. Others get an A on one exam and flunk another. Some are good students whose grades suddenly drop.

  • 9 Ways We Can Help Our Kids Fall in Love with Exercise

    As parents, we want to do whatever we can to give our kids an opportunity to have healthy, productive and happy lives. We save for their college educations. We take them for regular doctor appointments. We buy them cute clothes. We try to make sure they eat the right foods; at least I hope that we are conscious of the foods our children are eating. But what about exercise?

  • Brain Matures Late in Kids With ADHD

    Kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder lag three years behind their peers when it comes to brain development, a new study suggests.

  • 5 Simple Choices to Keep Kids Inspired and Motivated

    We all need motivation and inspiration, even our children. Over the last several years I have implemented 5 simple solutions that keep me inspired and motivated that I want to share with you, and your children, today.

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