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Why it is important to Teach Your Child(ren)
Positive Poems.

Poetry is a pleasurable, and sometimes funny, sound to the ears. Just as it is a sultry, creative, fond, joy to write to the soul.

There are as many forms of poetry as there are genres of movies. Whether you want your children to appreciate and write prose, free verse, haiku, rhyming, non-rhyming, traditional, or satire, poetry is a great way to teach children values that support their values and stay with them for a lifetime.

All forms of poetry are creative and fun forms to write and read no matter what your or your children’s age is.

The sooner you introduce poetry to children the easier it will be for them to understand, appreciate and enjoy poetry.

Younger children enjoy the rhyming poetry the most, it is the most fun to read and it seems to always tickle their funny bone. Therefore it is always a good idea to start out younger children with rhyming poetry, such as nursery rhymes. You can start children out with this type of poetry as young as two or three years old.

  • Can writing poetry help children emotionally in difficult times?

Michael Rosen, Poet and Children's Laureate,  believes we all have the right to reflect on our experiences. He is concerned that children are sometimes not given that space to express themselves in this wonderful way. I beleive that by teaching children of all ages to recite poetry, we strengthen value and character messages, strengthen reading and memorization skills and give our children a creative and expressive outlet that, when they need it, will serve them well.

Read poetry to your children at bedtime, especially positive poems that help them internalize life in very positive ways. Memorize poems and perform them for family members.

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  • I Choose to be Great Poem

    I Choose to be Great Poem by Dawn Billings is a wonderful, powerful poem about the choice to refuse to be common as children Choose to be GREATT!

  • Reach for the Stars

    Reach for the Stars is a poem Dawn Billings wrote for her son Corbin when he was the youngest motivational speaker in the history of the National Speakers Association and was speaking to audiences of thousands at age 10.

  • Dream Big: Purpose and Possibility

    We all need to believe in possibility, especially our possibility of greatness.

  • What Have YOU Got to Give?

    A wonderful positive poem that asks, "What Have YOU Got to Give?"

  • Have I Told You Lately?

    A reminder of the importance of telling those we love, that we love them.

  • The Truest Gifts

    The truest gifts are of course, friends. This wonderful poem reminds us of the value of friends.

  • Pick Joy Instead

    Whenever you want to frown, turn that frown upside down and pick JOY!

  • There are Little Eyes Upon You

    Remember that there are little eyes upon you, watching everything you do, depending on you to model the right way to live and love.

  • Integrity Pledge

    A powerful integrity pledge for children of all ages.

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