15 Objectives for Insuring Your Child's Success

15 Objectives for Insuring Your Child's Developmental Success

There were 15 objectives for insuring your child's developmental success identified by the Social Development Research Group at the University of Washington. The CAPABLES Parenting Tool & Child Development System aids parents in accomplishing each of the following 15 important success objectives:

1. Promote Bonding                                                     

2. Foster Resilience

3. Promote Social Competence

4. Promote Emotional Competence

5. Promote Cognitive Competence

6. Promote Behavioral Competence

7. Promote Moral Competence

8. Foster Self-determination

9. Foster Spirituality

10. Foster Self-efficacy

11. Foster Clear and Positive Identity

12. Foster Belief in the Future

13. Provide Recognition for Positive Behavior

14. Provide Opportunities for Prosocial Involvement: and

15. Foster Prosocial Norms

If you want to insure your child's developmental success, The CAPABLES Parenting Tool & Child Development System is your answer.

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Research findings on evaluations of positive youth development pro- grams. Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 591, 98–124.

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