9 Reasons Children Underachieve

9 Reasons Children Underachieve

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Underachieving students can be identified because there is a significant gap between their ability and their achievements in school.

Often underachieving children have no identifiable physical or learning disabilities; their academic performance is just significantly below what you know they are capable of doing. There is no typical profile of an underachiever. Some scrape by with passing marks. Others get an A on one exam and flunk another. Some are good students whose grades suddenly drop.

In her article Motivating the Underachiever – How to Motivate Teenagers, Students, Judy Shepps Battle tells us “It is during middle school--sixth to eighth grade-that a pattern of underachievement consistently emerges in both academic and non-academic areas. Not only do report cards reflect poor grades, but a youth may show extremes of behavior ranging from withdrawal to defiance.” It may be in middle school when the symptoms of underachievement become impossible to deny, but I believe the pattern of underachievement begins much earlier.

Child development experts say underachieving is a problem parents should address early on to avoid the chances of their child adopting and identifying with the underachieving label.
But understanding the root causes of underachieving is not always easy. Let’s look at some potential causes for children underachieving:

We must encourage and inspire our children to consider what is the greatest dream in their hearts. Once they take ownership of the dream, the rest is simply helping them find the road that will get them there.

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