I Choose to be Great Poem

I refuse to be common, to follow the crowd.
I stand for my dreams, undaunted, and proud.

I am willing to act, with courage and thought.
Daring to do what others will not.

I inspire greatness, and fight to succeed.
“Never, Never Give Up” I commit as my creed.

I boldly travel the higher road,
and with grace bear the burden of the heavier load.

I soar with the eagles, and strive for the best.
My heart grows stronger with each challenge and test.

I work without end, until I achieve
my dreams of success, in which I believe.

Each time I stumble, with haste I stand.
With faith I reach to touch God’s hand.

Through courage I do, what needs to be done
as my dreams and reality, merge into one.

                                                                                                          Dawn L. Billings, 
                                                                                                          Choose to BE GREATT Workbook