Struggles, Guilt and Discipline: Is it harder for Working Parents?

Struggles, Guilt and Discipline:
Is it Harder for Working Parents?

A parent’s commitment to their child(ren)’s discipline is a parent’s commitment to their child(ren)’s greatness.

When parent's work, it is even harder to be consistent. It is not easy to have the dedication to follow through with a consequence that will benefit your child in the long run while frustrating them, and yourself, in the present, especially when you are a working parent.

Working parents have a more difficult time with discipline for a couple of reasons.

Number one: Parents dislike being away from their children and don’t want to spend the time they have with their children, being “disciplinarians”.

Number two: Parents feel guilty about working and not being with their children, especially moms. But parents must realize the importance of discipline to their child's success.

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton tells us in his book with Dr. Stanley Greenspan called The Irreducible Needs of Children explain that one reason children act up, tease, disintegrate at the end of the day when the parent gets there is that they are asking for the security that comes with limits.

Both Dr. Greenspan and Dr. Brazelton believe that if a parent works they need to spend a minimum of two hours in the evening interacting with their child. One hour should be more child-directed and the other can be sharing chores together. The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ is the perfect tool to help parents find a wonderful balance of rewards, praise and recognition, limits and consequences and a way to make sharing family responsibilities FUN.

Discipline is about parents choosing to make hard decisions today while the consequences, although they feel severe to the child, are only sad and disappointing. Making hard decisions today, helps your child(ren) have a more positive and productive life later.

“My heroes are and were my parents.
I can't see having anyone else as my heroes.”

                                                            Michael Jordan

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