Saving Your Marriage by Creating a Safe Environment

Save Your Marriage by Creating a Safe Environment

A critical element for relational success is safety. When we feel safe we can keep our hearts open to listen, to share, to dare what frightens us and to care deeply for another human being. So what is one of the best way to insure a connected and safe connection with your partner? Make sure your attitudes around your relationship are filled with respect and honor that provides safety for each of you to express yourself clearly and openly.

Marriage Saving Tip 5: Create an Environment of Safety

Consistent loving actions build a safety net for those we love, they create a safe environment for love to be nurtured. Safety is one of the most critical elements of a happy, healthy, successful relationship.

Our loving actions work to plow the fields of our relationship garden and prepare them for planting. Plowed and planted well, we will reap the harvest of a loving, passionate relationship for the rest of our lives, but we have to keep the insects and pests that would destroy what we are committed to growing out of the garden. Therefore, you must be willing to leave your emotional weapons, all of them, from knives to nuclear bombs, locked up and refuse to use them on the person you love.