Saving Your Marriage with Loving Actions

Save Your Marriage with Loving Actions

We all want our relationships to succeed. We want to be happy and feel connected to the one we love, but that is not always easily accomplished. So what is one of the best way to insure a happy connection with your partner? Make sure your attitudes around your relationship are endowed instead of entitled. When we approach our partner without entitlement, we will discover that our actions are more loving, thoughtful and certainly more FUN!

Marriage Saving Tip 4: Choose Loving Actions

Action is defined in relationships by our behaviors. Dedicated, loving, consistent, giving, thoughtful, appreciative, compassionate and tender behaviors feed a relationship and make it strong. We are all we aware of the behaviors that choke the life out of relationships. We know the pain of being disappointed, dissatisfied and betrayed. We each understand that “Actions speak louder than words,” so it is imperative that we keep our actions consistent with the words, “I love you.” “I believe in you.” And “I am committed to you.”