Count Your Blessings

                                       Count Your Blessings

Endowed relationships SUCCEED. So what is an endowed relationship? It is a relationship where we simply remember that our relationship is a gift.

This is number 1 marriage saver tip. Read through all of them and apply them in your marriage. Then evaluate your relationship. I guarantee not only will you, and your partner, feel happier, your children will be happier as well.

Marriage Saver tip 1: Count your blessings every day

You married or committed to your relationship for what you believed were many good reasons—make yourself REMEMBER THEM.

Your partner still has wonderful qualities, allow yourself to change your focus and shine the light back towards all that is positive about them. Counting your blessings everyday reminds you of all you have, like my five-year old son counting his turtles. As you remember how much you have, you become more joyful and grateful. Make it a habit to remind yourself of all the good that your partner brings to the relationship, no matter how small.

For some time now, your habit may have been to notice only those things that are troubling, annoying or that you felt were lacking. That is entitlement’s way of stealing the good from your life and leaving you with only the bad. Take back your life. Make it a habit to ignore the little annoying things—laundry on the floor, him falling asleep at the show, coffee grounds in the coffee maker, etc.—and choose instead to search for those things that make you smile: the way he makes you laugh; how hard he works to provide, for the men, the fact that she made your favorite meal, or keeps your laundry done, the peace in knowing someone so well, the history of the years and memories.