Save Your Marriage with a Ten Second Kiss

Save Your Marriage with a 10 second Kiss

Another critical element for relational success is contact. All relationships need contact; healthy, happy, wanted, sincere, loving contact allows us to feel connected in very physical ways. That is why it is important to remember the importance of the ten second kiss. This is marraige saver tip 7 of the endowment challenges that will insure your relationship is endowed, happy, safe and successful.

Marriage Saving Tip 7: Ten seconds, that’s all it takes.
When your partner walks through the door, acknowledge them. When you try to kiss for ten seconds, at first, it will feel like a very long time which will tell you how you have gotten into the habit of barley pecking one another, or not kissing or touching at all.

One of the identifying qualities of a newly married couple is how much they kiss and touch each other. They hold hands, they sit close, and they kiss. Over time, we acclimate to one another, just as we spoke about in the chapter on the Maui syndrome. A ten second kiss can help couples reconnect on more tender, physical levels and with children, this is especially important. Mothers of young children must be careful because they often have less need for physical contact with their partners because their babies and young children provide so much opportunity for touch and cuddling that their touch needs are fulfilled. However, touch between partners is critical in maintaining a happy healthy relationship so committing to ten seconds can help to turn your marriage around.

Whenever you’ve been apart make it a rule that you will take just 10 seconds to kiss and reconnect. If you follow this advice soon you’ll find yourselves touching each other more often and enjoying it.