Raising Difficult Children

Rasing Difficult Children is DIFFICULT. That is why we call them "Difficult Children".

In the above video Martha Beck, Ph.D. tells us that we need to allow our children to teach us how to love and parent them. This does NOT mean allow them to rule your home or tell you what to do, but create conversations that allow you to teach them self-control, values, empathy, emotional intelligence and compassion through conversation and the sharing of important thoughts and ideas.

"All streams flow to the sea because it is lower than they are. Humility gives it its power." Chinese proverb

The wonderful benefit about using a comprehensive child development system, namely The CAPABLES Parent Tool and Parenting Guide, is that this patent-pending parent tool allows YOU, the parent, to use something as simple as a stuffed toy to 'COMMUNICATE' powerfully and effectively with your child in ways that enhance learning, stimulate emotional growth, and strengthen a child's ability to use their own self-control and thought management skills. These critical advanced life-skills will benefit your child throughout his or her life, not just while he or she is a child.

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