Will I be Pretty? A Video for Parents of Daughters

Will I be Pretty?

This is a very powerful poem by Katie Makkai, a modern veteran poet. This is a powerful video worth watching, especially if you are the parent of a daughter.

There is a caution on this video, it does contain a word that could offend, but more importantly, it contains the incredible "offense" that we perpetrate on our daughters that kills their self-worth, and confuses them about what it truly means to be "PRETTY".

I agree with Katie. Let us teach our daughters and grand daughters to be pretty intelligent, pretty competent, pretty amazing, pretty genuine, pretty astounding, pretty kind, pretty thoughtful, pretty dedicated, and pretty determined, but let us never settle for boxing them up inside of 5 letters that really don't mean anything on their own.  P R E T T Y is not worthy of our daughters by itself.

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