Capables' mission: educate, motivate, inspire our children to be great!

Mark Greenberg, PhD., Director of The Prevention Research Center for the Promotion of Human Development at Penn State (The Prevention Center aims to promote the well-being of children and youth and to reduce the prevalence of high risk behaviors and poor outcomes for children, families and communities and can be found at, tells us that “self-regulation abilities are the prerequisite for acting responsibly”. a child's capacity A child’s capacity to be Accountable and Responsible are vital components to success in their lives.  Moral teachings alone, like character counts programs, are not enough. Developing the skills to follow through are equally as important.

The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ is specifically designed to maximize the utilization of this critical development window in children. During this critical developmental window there are vast numbers of connections being made between the frontal lobe and the other portions of the brain. Both, language centers and the emotion centers of the brain are developing as well. The frontal lobe is the executive that integrates emotion, reasoning, language aspects, and makes decisions based on all those characteristics, and then sends it to the motor neurons for action. It's the least genetically determined part of our self and therefore, the most likely to be modified by parental influence, what we learn and what we experience. Families, schools, peer relations, the nature of our communities, etc. all help to shape the frontal lobe's development. Using The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ can help children grow emotionally and blossom during this critical developmental window.

In his book Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman explains that from his perspective, emotional intelligence is concerned with two basic areas in a person’s life: personal competence, which determines how we manage ourselves, and social competence, which determines how we manage relationships. These skills are paramount to creating successful relationships both personally and professionally.

Researchers tell us that the amount of positive emotions like joy, love, tenderness, and accomplishment are critical to establishing the correct brain pathways in our children. Our children need to have opportunities to focus on these positive emotions much more than negative emotions.

Research also tells us that what we attend to, pay attention to, or focus on becomes our reality, and what we don’t attend to or focus on fades out of our reality. The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps children and their parents to focus on a child’s capacity for making great choices instead of focusing on their misbehavior and outbursts of negative emotion.

Who is Dawn?
Why and how did she come up with the Capables concept?
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Super Heroes wear Capes and the Early Childhood Capables™ are caped crusaders designed to help parents and educators teach and encourage children to use their Super Hero powers, to make wise, loving, compassionate, excellent decisions so they can prove to themselves and the world, they are indeed Capable of Greatness™.
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The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps support and guide thoughts, choices and actions in ways that have the potential to guarantee more successful outcomes for everyone.
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