Capables' mission: educate, motivate, inspire our children to be great!

Our mission is to educate, motivate, inspire and emotionally touch lives in ways that change the direction of hearts and create a better world. Cognitive neuropsychologists tell us that all people, young and old, are affected by “expectancy theory.” Expectancy theory is explained like this: If your mind expects something to happen, it will. We see what we want to see. We experience what we believe we will experience. Capables™ create an expectancy in our children that they can succeed.

Dawn and her beloved Capables More than ever before, parents need a cost effective, time concise, fun solution that gives them effective tools to interact with their kids while imparting critical life, social and success skills. Children are bombarded with influences in their lives that expose them to a plethora of negative images. Experts tell us that because of television, children will witness hundreds, if not thousands of murders before they reach the tender age of four. And by six-years-old, most children will have spent more time watching television than they will spend talking to their fathers their entire lifetimes. Sadly the only vision in some children’s lives is television.

The divorce rate is currently hovering around the 50% mark. Remotes are glued to their owner’s hands, while marriages are too easily coming undone. By using The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ to educate and inspire their children, parents can bring their relationship and family priorities back into focus. Husbands and wives need fun, playful ways to keep the spark of passion ignited in their relationships while learning to better understand one another’s points of view.

Children need to feel loved, connected, accomplished and valuable. Their values and emotional and social life skills do not come as standard equipment at birth. Therefore they must be taught. Most parents desperately love their children and want nothing but the best for them All. Too often, in the name of love, parents give their children the exact opposite of what they need to excel in life. Individuals need a simple way to remind them of the discipline, character, passion and focus necessary to make their dreams come true. The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps support and guide thoughts, choices and actions in ways that have the potential to guarantee more successful outcomes for everyone.

Researchers tell us that the amount of positive emotions like joy, love, tenderness, and accomplishment are critical to establishing the correct brain pathways in our children.

Who is Dawn?
Why and how did she come up with the Capables concept?

Super Heroes wear Capes and the Early Childhood Capables™ are caped crusaders designed to help parents and educators teach and encourage children to use their Super Hero powers, to make wise, loving, compassionate, excellent decisions so they can prove to themselves and the world, they are indeed Capable of Greatness™.

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