Capables and their founder, Dawn L. Billings
Dawn and her beloved Capable, the cat, Elizabeth

Dawn L. Billings
Founder of The Capables

Growing up as a poor child in a small town in Oklahoma I didn’t know how poor I was until my first day of school. I didn’t know that everyone else in my class had indoor plumbing. They didn’t use an out house and didn’t take turns taking a bath in a number three wash tub that required the water be heated on the stove. I didn’t know that some people only had to turn on a faucet and they had hot water at their fingertips. Something most everyone in this country takes for granted everyday, would have felt like a miracle to me then.

My father and mother were raised in a very difficult time under very difficult circumstances. My mother’s father died in the middle of the Great Depression with seven cents in his pocket as his fifth baby turned five days old. My grandmother stood up that day, and with nothing but guts, grit and determination, raised five children by herself with no education and no opportunities. My father was the middle child of eight. One of his younger brothers was tragically killed when he was just a little boy and neither my father, nor his mother, were ever the same. Life was hard, very hard. We were hungry and didn’t have even the basic necessities, but I was the first born child and my mother named me Dawn because she was determined that I was going to be the beginning of a new legacy, a legacy of hope, inspiration, education and success. When I was five-years-old she bought a book at a garage sale for a nickel. It was entitled Wisdom of the Mystic Masters, by Robert Collier and it was filled with positive poetry and stories about the power of your thoughts and the importance of your character and beliefs. My mother and I read from this book many times, memorized the positive poetry and learned to dream great dreams.


The Capables™ were born out of a mother and father’s desire for their child to become a great human being. They wanted much for me and taught me to believe that I could become anything I chose to become, and stressed hard work and determination. Through growing up in lack and poverty, working hard to earn a great education, through years of experience in counseling families, couples and children and through many thousands of pages of research evolved this beautiful, delightfully easy to use, magical parenting tool that turns the hard work of parenting into PLAY.

I have been honored as one of 15 “Women of Achievement” in the state of Georgia and Oprah Magazine and The White House Project selected me out of over 3200 women as one of 80 emerging women leaders in the nation. All I have done, all I have achieved has been out of my love for excellence, my passion for possibility and my belief that that there is greatness in each of us. Although the seed of greatness is there within us, developing and growing greatness is never an accident. It is always a choice. We must choose to be great. With The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™, now each child, rich or poor, black, white or in between, of any faith or background can develop the greatness within them. This is your opportunity to ensure that each of your children learn that they are indeed Capable of Greatness.

The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps support and guide thoughts, choices and actions in ways that have the potential to guarantee more successful outcomes for everyone.
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Researchers tell us that the amount of positive emotions like joy, love, tenderness, and accomplishment are critical to establishing the correct brain pathways in our children.

Super Heroes wear Capes and the Early Childhood Capables™ are caped crusaders designed to help parents and educators teach and encourage children to use their Super Hero powers, to make wise, loving, compassionate, excellent decisions so they can prove to themselves and the world, they are indeed Capable of Greatness™.

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