Capables' mission: educate, motivate, inspire our children to be great!

Capes and Badges for the Capables Super Heroes wear Capes and the Early Childhood Capables™ are caped crusaders designed to help parents and educators teach and encourage children to use their Super Hero powers, to make wise, loving, compassionate, excellent decisions so they can prove to themselves and the world, they are indeed Capable of Greatness™. The Capables® were created to help educators, whether they are parents, teachers, relatives or care-givers to help children develop their Super Hero strengths that will enable them to live the greatness within them. The Capables Cape and Badges of Honor™ when used together as we direct and recommend, are more than a simple behavior modification tool. When I created the Capable® I did not intend to just help parents modify inappropriate behavior. My intention was to help parents inspire, encourage and increase their children’s abilities and increase their desire to use super hero focus and strength to develop and live the greatness within them.

A few of the super hero powers the Capables® encourage and enhance are Self-control, the ability to Love, Excellence, Listening, Focus, Delayed Gratification, Patience, Appreciation, Communication, Health, Self-Discipline, Fitness, helping at Home, caring for the Environment, a Love of Learning, Reverence, Safety skills and Patriotism. Your children will love challenging and increasing their skills as they earn Badges of Honor™ to place on their Capes of Greatness™.

The “I am Capable of Greatness” Capables Cape™ and Badges of Honor™ system is designed for children between the ages of 30 months to nine-years-old. It allows parents to award “Badges of Honor™” to encourage and strengthen good behavior in their children. Using The “I am Capable of Greatness” Capables Cape™ and the Badges of Honor™ system, encourages parents to take the time to notice and pay attention to their children’s positive and responsible choices and behaviors. The badges are added or attached to The Capables “I am Capable of Greatness” Cape™ to reward a child for a behavior parents or caregivers want to see their children strengthen and repeat. We describe how to use each badge in great detail in the next chapter, as well as, share examples of exactly what you can say to use the Badges of Honor™ most effectively.

The Capables' badges

Dr. Warren Umansky, Child Development Specialist, published author, and internationally renowned speaker, has been counseling parents and children for over 25 years. "The best advice I can give any parent is to begin to teach your children appropriate behaviors as early as possible, before negative influences alter good behavior patterns," offers Dr. Umansky. "An important task of parenthood is to catch your children doing the right things and praising them for those."

The Capables® were designed to do exactly what Dr. Umansky recommends. The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ not only helps you better manage your preschooler’s tantrums; it helps you strengthen your child’s ability to be patient and compassionate. It helps you teach your child to listen carefully and obey your directives, all the while teaching them how to think and understand themselves and others in high level and advanced ways. Using The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps to insure that as your children grow into adolescence they have a greater capacity to respect themselves and authority, be leaders, not followers, care about things larger than themselves, such as family, church, community, God and country, all the while learning to give of their time and talents to those in need. If your child begins to throw a tantrum this is what you can say.

"Would you prefer to throw a tantrum over something you are not going to get anyway, or would your prefer to use your super kid powers and self-control to calm yourself so that I can award you a Badge of Honor for Self-Control? I would love to award you another Badge of Honor™, but I can only award Badges of Honor™ for honorable and great behavior. "

I know which one I would pick if I were you, but you have Sixty seconds to make your choice. I hope it is a great one so that you won’t have to lose all of the badges on your Cape you have worked so hard to earn, but, as always, great choices for your life are up to you. Your Sixty seconds start now, so let me know when you have made your choice.

Who is Dawn?
Why and how did she come up with the Capables concept?
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Researchers tell us that the amount of positive emotions like joy, love, tenderness, and accomplishment are critical to establishing the correct brain pathways in our children.
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The Early Childhood Capables GREATT Learning System™ helps support and guide thoughts, choices and actions in ways that have the potential to guarantee more successful outcomes for everyone.
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